Every New Move of God is accompanied by a new sound. A sound of Praise
and worship that connects the heart of God's people back to him. There has
recently been a shift in the spirit realm which denotes a new move of God coming
forth. (Judges 1:1-2) In today's culture, society has developed an appetite for the truth in
spirituality. Communities, Cities, States, Countries, and Nations are seeking to find their way
back to God (Romans 9:19-25). Darlene McCoy is a yielded vessel to the call of God for her life. She has not only understood the call but it has become the call on her life, to Repair the Breach, Restore the old waste places, and rebuild the streets to dwell in (Isaiah 58:11-12). Her approach to ministry focuses on bridging the gaps of cultures, religions, and society by offering a sound that is relative to every listener.




For years Darlene has had the opportunity to grow in ministry by serving with some the nations greatest Pastors and ministers of worship such as Pastor Gary Oliver, Minister Darwin Hobbs, and Elder William Murphy. She serves her church as one of the Praise Leaders for the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Eddie Long, Senior Pastor.

Darlene operates under a corporate anointing affiliated with her spiritual Father with the motto, "We didn't come to take sides, we came to take over!" Darlene's life changed as she served the New Birth Inner City Ministry for 2 years as the Minister of Music and Praise and Worship Leader. This experience afforded Darlene the opportunity to see firsthand what a dying world looks and feels like, outside of the four walls of the church. This is when she accepted full confirmation of her purpose. The favor on her life has attracted the trendsetters in the world of entertainment. Music Mogul Dallas Austin has positioned himself to push this ministry behind Darlene McCoy in full force. This relationship opens the doors to ministry that are open to Dallas in entertainment. With his support she is expected to be the latest move in entertainment. As Darlene stands to minister she represents young women in America, young mothers, young wives, as she is a 33 year old mother of three and has been married to her husband Robert McCoy for 12 years.


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